UX Research


Great research is a powerful tool for driving positive change in your user experience. From straightforward usability testing to complex ethnography, we'll help you figure out the best way to get the insights you need. Our services are custom-tailored to your needs and budget, and always include…

  • A trusted, expert research lead

  • Open, friendly communication

  • Seamless handling of planning and logistics

  • Insights and recommendations you can act on immediately



Foundational research uncovers deep insights into your users' thoughts, behaviours, needs, and goals. Like its name suggests, it creates a strong foundation of knowledge to inform user-centric design decisions, making it a great investment in the long-term success of your product.

Some questions foundational research can answer include "Who are our main types of users and why do they use our product?" and "How do we better align our product with our users' needs?"

Interviewing users is often a key part of foundational research.



Evaluative research helps you understand where your product's UX is meeting user expectations, and where it's falling short. This type of "health check" can give you all sorts of insights into how to tweak your product to better meet user needs.

Some questions evaluative research can answer include "Can users use our product effectively to accomplish their goals?" and "How do we make sure our features are easy for users to discover and understand?"

Evaluative research methods include usability testing, competitive analysis, and surveys.



Exploratory research reveals opportunities to address your target audience's unmet needs. It's a great way to kick off brainstorming for a new product or to figure out what features to add to an existing one.

Some questions exploratory research can answer include "What should we be creating next?" and "Where can we add the most value to our product?"

Great exploratory research marries business goals with user needs.