The brief, the process, the big insights, the outcome
— CPO, Financial Services Company

Some projects we're proud of...


Retail Hardware

Ensuring that retail business have hardware that that meets their needs.

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airline booking process

Making it easier for travellers to find and book the perfect flight with a major U.S. airline

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ecommerce chatbot

Helping ecommerce merchants sell more by meeting their customers right in chat.

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ecommerce personas

Building understanding of and empathy for the variety of people who sell. B

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wayfinding field research

Designing better maps and signage for one of North America's largest public transit networks.

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point-of-sale app

Ensuring that a major redesign of a product that thousands of merchants depend on for their livelihoods.

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fintech rebrand

Risk-proofing major changes to branding and aesthetics before they are rolled out to users.

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medical quality control

Reducing errors in tracking hospitals' compliance with quality and safety standards.

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